Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two New Weapons

There are two new weapons slated for this release.

The first is the Pile Driver. It is similar to like-named weapons in other Scorched Earth games like pocket tanks. Some games call it a jackhammer. When the shell hits, it bounces sever times, removing dirt each time before the final explosion. The final explosion is the largest and does the most damage.

The second isn't really a weapon. It's a transporter. It was requested by a user. To use it you shoot another player or a barrel and swap places with whatever you hit. A smart player could place an enemy right on a top of a barrel or in a pit, then finish him off.

The new weapons will come out September 23rd.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Submitted to Android Developer Challenge 2

I submitted Goobers Vs. Boogers to the Android Developer Challenge in the Casual Games category. I thought for a while about which of the two game categories to enter it in. I eventually went with casual games because you can put the phone down without worrying you're missing something like you would with an Arcade/Action game. Also, the game play isn't fast or stressful. It's nice and calm.

So now I wait. And wait. And wait. It will be months before I know if I even get into the second round.

But I will not be sitting still. I have a page full of new features to add. So I'll be working to add those.