Friday, July 10, 2009

Announcement of Goobers Vs Boogers

This is my first post to announce the nearly-completed Android game Goobers Vs. Boogers. The game will be available on the Android Market soon. The game is a turn based artillery game in the line of Scorched Earth, Worms or iShoot.

I will be continuing to post progress updates, pictures and video as well as planned features.

The initial release will feature:
  • Selection of combat map or a random map option
  • Variable number of players from 2 to 4
  • Player vs Player, Player vs Computer, or even Computer vs Computer game modes
  • Selection between several weapons (with several more in the works)
  • Cartoon theme
  • Touchscreen aiming designed for 480 x 320 displays
  • Automatic save with optional saved game resume
Much more to come, but I'll need to save some material for future posts.

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