Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preview Video

Here is a screen capture preview of the game from the emulator. There is no sound. The game will change slightly before it is released on August 1st, but this accurately shows the game play.


  1. Love the game. Enjoy playing it daily. Looking forward to when it's more efficient and smooth.

    With regards to "options"... How about difficulty levels, like childsplay, easy, medium, hard, insane, random etc? In terms of weapons/tools, how about teleport, shotgun, machine gun, laser, flame-thrower, jet-pack, baseball bat, sword, hand-grenade, etc. Also, maybe allocate limited ammo for more destructive weapons? How about unlocking new weapons and tools by completing X amount of kills, levels or by meeting other criteria like beat the clock on a timed round, or win in X amount of turns or less etc.

    Timed rounds and different types of sudden death, like flooding, napalm, air raid, or poison gas that detracts from health X amount of points per tern etc. Also, sudden death could be later then it is really. Perhaps take twice as long to kick in.

    Online and wifi multiplay are also something to be considered.

    Also, more landscape interaction. For example, building on it to a limited extent, or digging into it for cover. Also, how about changing the gravity? On the moon landscape it could be less? How about an underwater landscape, which also affects ballistic motion? How about a cloud map, where when a character falls off a cloud, due to a hit, or terrain damage, they fall to their death, even if they have full health?

    Anyway, just a few suggestions.

    Love your game! Looking forward to future development!